martes, 6 de septiembre de 2011

"Worth the wait" ... ..

Night falls away. Just waiting for me tremble so threatening and cold solitude, where my ideas usually accompanied by breathtaking rolling one after another, crashing a computer screen. 
I clearly remember that night On my knees, crying relentlessly .... 
But a force, a voice within me spoke to me, was the voice of God telling me: 
- Do not worry, when you show the world the face of absurdity, ye forces you to contemplate. 
Culture sweetness, love culture, cultivation friendship, but what happens when all this grown exists around us people are just looking to be happy with the evil and hurt makes them happy. 
"Worth the wait" ... as if it's worth waiting for this good man than a woman dreams to find, but it is my turn to wait for the man with whom I share many months and lots of communication and where I feel I is part of my life is because every morning, every afternoon and all those nights where we spent long hours together to have that conversation without body contact. 
Not only your beautiful words make me very happy, but your voice sounds sweet because every phone call changes everything I do around me in peace and quiet ... oh thank you good man Tibby and now you've become a little casket in which are already saving little by little all my little secret sorrows, joys and sorrows. 
Maybe it's love, maybe it's wishful thinking or just love for me, but that there is a promise, and perhaps because there is "worth the wait," no matter how long you took to the come to me, but Most importantly, I have you in daily communication with me and that's unfortunate to keep us far from each other. 
Oh ... my prince "There is no distance between us, when there is only one heaven that unites us. "Worth the wait" .... Even though the sorrows and fears sometimes want to grab yourself a soldier but I am not put off by the adversity of this world and I think in the years in which I transcendental many decisions in important areas such as religion, work, marriage and family. 
But while at night I breathe the scent of the wind, gently rub all your beautiful words, your special voice, your tenderness, your intelligence without knowing you are already in my heart. Tibby you became a man who seems to know listen to my thoughts, my dreams, my joys and sorrows. 
After many hours this morning, I sit here on a couch, my body shaken by fears, the dreams and not know what else ... I confess, too, that sometimes I want to be alone, but are so brief the moments that I can do it! ... And you know why? 
Because suddenly unexpectedly, these gaps appear to lie on depression. 
But "worth the wait," and you will wait tibby if you've decided, if you like it depends on the destination and of God.